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Palliative Care Queensland Launches Strategic Plan

A vision to hear Queensland community members say: “I live in a community where everybody recognises that we all have a role to play in supporting each other in times of serious illness, disability, ageing, dying, death and grief. We are ready, willing and confident to have conversations about living, dying and grieving well and to support each other in emotional and practical ways.” Sits at the heart of Palliative Care Queensland’s Strategic Plan launched today in Brisbane by Acting President Anthony Herbert and CEO Shyla Mills.

“Focussing on 5 strategic areas, the strategic plan acts as a roadmap for how our organisation works with government, members, stakeholders and our entire community of care to influence, foster and promote quality palliative care for all Queenslanders regardless of their life stage or postcode.”

“As an organisation we went through a rigorous process to develop the strategic plan, consulting widely with our team, board members and membership to ensure that our future vision, goals and tactics are aligned with the expectations of our community and reflect the goals that we share for palliative care in Queensland. I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the process and look forward to the work Shyla and the PCQ team will undertake to create positive long-term outcomes for Queenslanders, their loved ones and those who care for them at the end stage of their life,” said Adjunct Professor Herbert.

The five strategic focus areas are:

  • You Matter – and should receive relevant, up-to-date information about palliative care and appropriate supports
  • Your PCQ Matters – and should have long-term sustainability to give you the confidence that we will continue as the peak body for palliative care
  • Your Community Matters – and should have support to build networks around people with a life-limiting condition
  • Your Care Matters – and quality palliative care in Queensland should be coordinated and delivered by staff who are well prepared and supported
  • Your Government Systems and Policies Matter – and should recognise PCQ as the pre-eminent voice of the palliative care sector in Queensland, advocating on behalf of all stakeholders

“Our strategic plan is just the starting point for Palliative Care Queensland, and we are aligning our entire organisation and core activities to the achievement of successful outcomes across the three-year plan.”

“And we have set clear and measurable benchmarks of success that will enable our team, membership, and stakeholders to have confidence in the tactical plans we put in place across increased understanding and acceptance of palliative care by Queenslanders, membership growth, community engagement and increased investment in palliative care services and support programs by Queensland Government. I would encourage all members and interested parties to download and review the strategic plan and consider how we can work collaboratively to achieve common goals,” said Adjunct Associate Professor Mills.

A copy of the strategic plan can be downloaded HERE

A summary overview can be downloaded HERE

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