Palliative Care Queensland

Advocating for the individual

People affected by a life limiting illness have unique advocacy needs, often because they have limited time to get the necessary assistance.

PCQ has helped a number of families across Queensland by providing individual advocacy support, giving them access to:

  • Specialist palliative care services
  • Equipment
  • Funding
  • Community support
  • Viewing and providing feedback

If the care isn’t there

It’s always important that you feel heard – no matter what. If you need help, want to give feedback or make a complaint, we’re here to help.

Initiatives that are making a difference

Driven by our mission to give those with life-limiting illnesses a full life until the end, we’ve taken meaningful action to improve and grow the palliative care sector in Queensland. Some initiatives we’re most proud are:

Recruiting specialists

The recruitment of two palliative care medical specialists for the Cairns region.

Funding increase

Increases in exceptional funding to non-government palliative care providers.

Protecting palliative care beds

Postponed closure of 10 specialist palliative care beds at Canossa Private Hospital.

Statewide Strategy

Queensland Health’s creation of a draft Statewide Strategy for Palliative Care.

DOHA’s EPHAC software program

Postponed transition of DOHA’s EPHAC software program (used by small private palliative care hospitals).

Advocacy networks

Created a number of key advocacy networks to achieve our strategic objectives.

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