Palliative Care Queensland

National Grief Awareness Day 2022

Today, 30th August 2022, is ‘National Grief Awareness Day’ in the USA, as the peak body and leading charity for palliative care in Queensland, we thought we would share this day as well.

Many people — both who have and haven’t experienced significant losses — don’t know how to talk about grief and support people who are experiencing it. While losing a loved one is hard enough, those in mourning frequently must deal with a secondary associated loss, like that of financial security or loss of housing and, sadly, many people who have experienced loss report that grief, in some form or another, continues for the rest of their lives. Spreading awareness on grief to the public helps to better support those who are grieving and gives them the tools for when they encounter grief someday.

Here are some ways that you can observe National Grief Awareness Day:

Palliative Care Queensland also offer courses, in the PalliWellbeing and PalliLearn series. These courses aim to build community knowledge, death literacy, compassion literacy and community capacity in relation to serious illness, dying, death and grief by providing quality and easy to understand resources. To view and book upcoming events click here.

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