Palliative Care Queensland

Budget reveals ‘business as usual’ for palliative care in Queensland

With the release of Campbell Newman’s second state budget as Premier, it is clear that although the palliative care sector will receive no additional funding, no money has been cut from the palliative care budget in Queensland.

Palliative Care Australia and Palliative Care Queensland staunchly oppose any cuts to palliative care spending that would ultimately undermine support for terminally ill patients, their families and carers in Queensland.

Chief Executive Officer of Palliative Care Queensland, Mr John-Paul Kristensen, confirmed today that while the budget reveals no new funding, palliative care services will continue to push forward.

“While we’re obviously disappointed that there is no additional funding to the palliative care sector in Queensland, we remain optimistic and will continue to conduct business as usual,” said Mr Kristensen.

“However, we still await the government’s response to the recent Queensland Parliamentary Inquiry into palliative care, which was released late last month,” he said.

The Queensland Parliament’s Health and Community Services Committee released its report into palliative and community services in Queensland on May 17 and the palliative care community is eagerly awaiting the government’s response, which is likely to come within the next few months.

“Palliative Care Queensland and Palliative Care Australia both welcome the report and look forward to working closely with the Queensland State Government to implement all 63 recommendations, and to developing policy and strategies that will ultimately result in world class palliative care services and support being delivered to patients, their families and carers in Queensland.”

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