Palliative Care Queensland

Queensland Parliamentary Inquiry report welcomed

On May 17 the Queensland Parliament’s Health and Community Services Committee released its report into Palliative and Community in Queensland: towards person-centred care.

The Committee has been compiling its report since June 2012 to inquire into, and report on palliative care, chronic and frail services in Queensland.

The Committee’s Inquiry drew 76 submissions from various stakeholders across Australia, including Palliative Care Australia (PCA) and Palliative Care Queensland (PCQ). As a result, the committee has made over 60 recommendations addressing issues including the capacity of services to provide effective palliative care and the needs of residential aged care facilities, children and adolescents and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Chief Executive Officer of Palliative Care Australia, Dr Yvonne Luxford welcomed the Committee’s report and appreciates its focus on improving access, funding, palliative care workforce and the overall effectiveness, efficiency and adequacy of palliative care services throughout the state of Queensland.

“While we welcome the report, serious questions need to be raised in regard to the funding cuts that are taking place right across the health sector which may impact the upon the delivery of palliative care, and could detrimentally affect access for Queenslanders to enjoy the best possible quality of life until the end,” says Dr Luxford.

“PCA looks forward to working with its local member organisation, Palliative Care Queensland, to analyse and respond to the report,” she says.

Chief Executive Officer of Palliative Care Queensland, Mr John-Paul Kristensen also welcomes the Inquiry report and says that the findings and recommendations accurately reflect the keys issues affecting palliative care in Queensland

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