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PCQ Media Release: Brisbane suburb builds a compassionate community

Media Release

29 March 2019

Brisbane suburb builds a compassionate community

Supported by Brisbane City Council funding, Palliative Care Queensland have a mission to engage with the community and assist those experiencing loss, ageing, dying and grief.


The loss of a loved one, grief, death and even coming to terms with ageing is rarely easy. Palliative Care Queensland, a charity which supports those who care for Queenslanders at the end of life, accepts the inevitable where we will all experience loss, ageing, dying and/or grief at one point in our life, but aims to help and provide support.


“Most people believe that if they, or a loved one, have a terminal illness it is the doctors and nurses who will help them as they will likely be in hospital. Yet we know that in the last six months of life, people can spend the majority of that time at home, surrounded by their loved ones, their pets, their belongings and if they have one, a network of supportive people and community groups around them,” said Shyla Mills, CEO Palliative Care Queensland


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