Palliative Care Queensland

The right to quality care for the dying

Palliative Care Australia believes all Australians have the right to receive quality care at the end of life, delivered in a culturally appropriate manner, with the people they wish to be present and, wherever possible, in the place of their choice.

‘Missing from current discussions about end of life is greater support for ensuring everyone in Australia has access to quality care at the end of life, care that meets their physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cultural needs’, said Dr Yvonne Luxford, Chief Executive Officer of Palliative Care Australia.

‘We know that in Australia there is great inconsistency in care provided to people at the end of life. Some people receive the care they need, many do not. Some experience excellent care in hospitals, hospices and at home, many do not.

‘While great advances have been made in the delivery of quality specialist palliative care, in general, health and other care services do not always perform well for people who are dying. Our existing models of care do not necessarily match the needs of many living with a terminal illness, creating unnecessary stress and pain at this crucial time.

‘Palliative care needs to be better resourced and that means making care for the dying the responsibility of the whole health system. This means supporting health professionals with the education, networks and resources to fulfil this important role.

‘We need to get it right to ensure people are not suffering from preventable pain. We need to get it right to ensure people receive the care they need when they need it.’

Voluntary euthanasia is not part of palliative care and Palliative Care Australia neither supports nor opposes voluntary euthanasia.

Caring for the ill is more than a one-issue debate.

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