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Palliative Care Queensland Launches Engagement and Consultation Toolkit: Yarning about Sad News and Sorry Business

Palliative Care Queensland is delighted to launch a new toolkit aimed at providing quality and user-friendly resources to support appropriate palliative care provision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Yarning about Sad News and Sorry Business – An Engagement and Consultation Toolkit, developed in collaboration with Health Consumers Queensland, gathered insights and perspectives from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living in Queensland on engagement and consultation processes in relation to palliative care.

Tips and simple strategies on how to build more robust engagement within local communities. As such, this toolkit is suitable for governments at all levels as well as Primary Health Networks (PHNs), palliative care service providers, academics, and any consultants, organisations and or services looking to engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples within urban, rural and remote locations.

Palliative Care Queensland CEO Shyla Mills welcomed the launch of the new initiative, “Palliative Care Queensland is committed to ensuring care provision reflects the needs of the people who receive it. We should be consulting, involving, collaborating with and empowering people who are experiencing a serious illness, dying, death or grief and this toolkit is a step in that direction.

“We hope that this resource facilitates improved engagement and consultation between care providers and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples through good communication and early engagement in a culturally sensitive and appropriate fashion.”

Delphine Geia, a First Nations consumer from Health Consumers Queensland, who was involved in the development of the resource and reviewed the final product stated, “This toolkit is impressive, and all credit has to go to Palliative Care Queensland for their dedication to sensitivity, professionalism and cultural appropriateness and inclusiveness.”

The toolkit provides context and insights for health care entities and professionals seeking to engage with our diverse Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. From understanding the importance of history to language and terminology, Palliative Care Queensland recommends the toolkit to members of the Queensland community of care who are seeking to create positive outcomes in palliative care throughout Queensland.

Yarning about Sad News and Sorry Business – An Engagement and Consultation Toolkit is free and available for download HERE

Palliative Care Queensland acknowledges the support of Palliative Care Australia (PCA) in funding this project. PCA is funded by the Australian Government.

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