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Palliative Care Queensland launches a new carers resource


To celebrate National Carers Week, Palliative Care Queensland is delighted to launch a new resource aimed at supporting the unsung heroes of our sector; carers looking after loved ones approaching their end of life.

Palliative Caring; Information for families and carers who are caring for an older person with a life-limiting illness in Queensland is a downloadable e-book that examines every aspect of being a carer. From understanding the role to navigating financial support and respite care, the e-book provides helpful advice, links to further information and health resources, and answers many of the questions that can often overwhelm and cause additional stress in a challenging time. 

CEO, Shyla Mills, outlined the initiative “Carers play a crucial role in the support network for people living with a life-limiting illness. The carer role is both rewarding and demanding, but it is often undertaken at a time when a carer is at their most vulnerable and in need of answers to the many questions that they naturally have. 

“The resource is designed to be a simple guide to caring in Queensland, which informs carers about the supports and resources available to them. From accessing health services and understanding legislation to support from community networks and their compassionate communities, the e-book takes a carer through the entire journey from diagnosis to bereavement and grief.” 

“In many cases, being a carer can prove to be extremely rewarding as relationships are strengthened, memories created, and time is spent with a loved one that is truly precious. We hope that through this guide, carers across the state can feel better prepared for the role they will play and more able to focus on the positive aspects of caring for a loved one.” 

“I would encourage as many people as possible to download this invaluable resource and, where appropriate, to share it among their community to help support those unsung heroes who are at the forefront of Palliative Care in Queensland.” 

If companies would like to sponsor a print run of this resource please contact 

The resource was initially developed by Palliative Care Western Australia (PCWA) and prepared for jurisdictional adaptation with funding from Palliative Care Australia Limited (PCA). PCA is funded by the Australian Government. It is available for download HERE.   

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