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Excellence in Palliative Care – Rural and Remote – Pauline Polly Wilson

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Pauline Wilson, known locally as ‘Polly’ is a clinical nurse based at Palm Island Primary Health Care Centre on Palm Island and is the 2021 Palliative Care In Queensland Excellence in Palliative Care Rural and Remote Award winner.

With a career focused on wound management, Polly has spent over 10 years on Palm Island caring for patients at home and building relationships that support care and patient outcomes. Passionate about culturally-appropriate care, Polly has been a driving force for promoting at-home palliative care to the Island’s residents.

Working in remote locations is always challenging for health professionals, and when approached by Joel and his family to support his end-of-life care, Polly sprung into action and ensured that Joel received the care he needed and his family the support they deserved.

From informative discussions to developing a tailored health plan, Polly built a wonderful relationship with Joel. Founded on trust and respect, it was a relationship that extended beyond a traditional nurse/patient relationship as Polly did what she does best; goingabove and beyond to support Joel.

Nothing was too much trouble; whatever Joel and his family needed, if it was in Polly’s power, it would happen. From transport to health appointments to arranging for Joel to visit his family in Townsville, there was not a challenge that Polly could not overcome, not a barrier she could not break down.

Polly has taught everyone on the Island the meaning of dedication, compassion, selflessness and empathy, determination, courage, perseverance and humility.

We caught up with Polly to find out what winning the 2021 Palliative Care In Queensland Excellence in Palliative Care – Rural and Remote means.

What does winning a 2021 Palliative Care in Qld Award mean to you?

There is a need for home and hospital care in Indigenous Communities. For this young man, I made it happen. The family, and especially Joel, were happy with his home care. On Palm Island, I have paved the way for home palliative care services to be available to all. I feel proud and privileged to have enabled such an important service to Palm Island.

How does it feel to be recognised for your contribution to Palliative Care in Qld?

I am absolutely humbled by this award.

Without some meaningful help from Rural Remote Oncology Nurses and many of the nurses from Palm Island, I could not have achieved this.

Who would you like to thank or acknowledge as part of your award win?

The Conway  Family from Palm Island. They made me stand in the face of adversity and get the job done for their brother, son, uncle and friend.

The oncology department in Townsville for their support for myself when I felt I was failing and the support to get what Joel needed through this time.

The doctors and nurses on Palm Island who supported the family and myself on the way through.

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