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Ambulance Wish Queensland Create Forever Memories for Perfect Princesses

As Sophie and Zoe spent an afternoon being captivated by Princess Elsa, forever memories were created for a loving mum who wanted her girls to be the centre of her Ambulance Wish.

When you think of any parent, selflessness and love are two words that come to mind, and when combined with always putting their children first, you have the perfect description of our most recent Ambulance Wish recipient, Donna.

When posed the question by our wish coordinators about what Donna would wish for, she didn’t wish for something for herself; she wished to bring joy to her daughters and to create memories for them that will be with them forever by having a princess party.

Donna, along with her husband Stuart, mum Gloria, dad Ronald, brother Thomas and mother-in-law Tracey and VIP royal guests Princess Sophie and Princess Zoe, was joined by Princess Elsa of Arendelle for a spectacular princess party. Princess Elsa enchanted the girls, and it was magical to see Donna light up as the girls bounced and twirled and sparkled through the afternoon.

From sharing secrets from Frozen, creating crowns, enjoying cupcakes, to sharing songs and stories, not even Disney could have created such a magical, special and love-filled afternoon. And for Donna, it provided a time for her to be mum, to relax, to enjoy every moment of a special day surrounded by the people she loves unconditionally. It was as if the entire family had been taken out of the every day and placed into their perfect afternoon, caught up in their moment, in their time and in their love.

To round off the afternoon, the family celebrated Stuart’s birthday as our princesses serenaded him with an extraordinary rendition of Happy Birthday.

We can all relate to the special love and selflessness that can only come from a mum, and for Ambulance Wish Queensland’s volunteer team of Linda, Amanda, Wendy, Dale and Ange, it was an honour and a joy to have been part of a magical afternoon.

Thank you to our partners for this special day, The Wesley Hospital, St Vincent’s Community Specialist, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Health and Princess Parties Australia.

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