Palliative Care Queensland

New PCOC reports

Patient outcomes in Palliative Care, Results for Queensland July to December 2019 reports have just been released.


The Australian palliative care sector is a world leader in using routine clinical assessment information to guide patient-centred care and measure patient and family outcomes. Providers of palliative care are commended for their commitment to excellence in delivering evidence-based, patient-centred care by using the routine Palliative Care Outcomes Collaboration (PCOC) assessment framework and contributing patient data toward national outcome measurement and benchmarking. PCOC acknowledges the dedication and willingness of clinicians to improve the care of patients, their families and caregivers. The information collected is not just data – it represents the real-life outcomes of over 40,000 Australians who die an expected death every year.

While the focus of this report is on the most recent information relating to July to December 2019, results over the last three years are also presented to highlight achievements and improvement in outcomes. The Queensland figures in this report are based on information submitted by the services listed Table 1 on the following page. A full list of the services included in the national figures can be found at



Queensland reports here:

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