Palliative Care Queensland

Bridget Sumser became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to help people living with serious illness. Over the last 10 years, she has worked across healthcare settings, providing support and companionship to patients, families, community members and providers in various health care settings. Bridget’s practice is rooted in a commitment to social justice and understanding illness and caregiving within the context of a unique life. Above all, she looks to promote connection and well-being.

In this episode we explore how enhancing our perception of grief to acknowledge the many layers of loss that exist underneath the logistical tasks and physical adjustments for someone living with serious illness. We also discuss the possibility of learning to expect grief in everyday life, for example by relating to non-life-threatening losses, as a form of preparatory grief practice. Finally, we explore the unique interrelationship between grief and joy. Rather than being an either–or dichotomy, could it be possible for us reach in the direction of both grief and joy as core aspects of living in the presence of suffering?

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