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Ambulance Wish Queensland’s Ninth Wish Reunites the ‘Partners In Grime.’

Ambulance Wish Queensland’s Ninth Wish Reunites the ‘Partners In Grime.’

A passion for fast cars, riffing on a guitar and morning teas that involve ‘anything bad for you’ are not the first things you may associate with a long time member of the Catholic Clergy, but for Father Ron Mollison his love of life is matched by his devotion to his calling.

Today, Ambulance Wish Queensland were delighted to be able to create forever memories for Fr Ron, his niece Louise, and a cohort of friends who gathered at Ron’s home in Holland Park for a celebratory morning tea in a place that created so much joy for so many years.

Ordained in June 1968, Fr Mollison spent eight years as a chaplain at Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital before ministering in Laidley, Windsor, Salisbury and Inala Parishes. He then spent time as private secretary to Archbishop Francis Rush, before finding his long term parish home. As Brisbane rapidly grew, 1984 saw Fr Mollison lead the newly formed Albany Creek parish at All Saints where he started on a six-year appointment, that ended 34 years later.

Currently, in care at St Vincent’s, Fr Ron’s wish was to head home and to spend time in a place that was a refuge, a workshop, classic care restoration garage and music studio. It was also a place that Fr Ron put his considerable craftsmanship skills to use. Along with the ‘Partners in Grime’, they spent several decades completely renovating the home undertaking everything from designing the floor plan, replacing walls, raising the property and reconditioning furniture. They also worked on restoring a stunning vintage Speedway Bike and a Studebaker.

Ambulance Wish Queensland’s Shyla Mills takes up the tale “They say that home is where the heart is and for Fr Ron we were delighted to be able to take him home, to spend time with his family and friends in a place of love.”

“When we discussed his wish, it was clear that going home was going to bring great joy to Fr Ron. His love of renovating old cars and working with his mates, the ‘Partners in Grime’ on projects was one of his great pleasures. It was a place where they could eat, chat, and spend time playing music, tinkering with machines away from the pressure of their daily lives.”

“Having spent time with Ron as we prepared for his wish, his dry sense of humour came to the fore, and I can imagine that the ‘Partners in Grime’ were never short of a laugh.”

“Asking Ron about his memories as a member of the clergy, the one that stood out for me was his recalling of a trip to the Indianapolis 500 where he shared a corporate box with the movie star and racing legend Paul Newman. He is a man who lives life at full throttle, and it was great for us to help him recall the forever memories his home gave him and to create some new ones.”

Transported from St Vincent’s to his home in Holland Park in Betty, Ambulance Wish Queensland’s Wish Ambulance, donated by Queensland Ambulance Service and supported by our wish team of staff, Paul and Helen, volunteers Colleen and Jermaine, and QAS Paramedics Jessica and Kristy, it was a privilege to help create a special day for all.

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